Simply Bad!! 

Choreographed by 		Moses Bourassa Jr. & Barbara Frechette 
			508-993-3258 ~
Description 		32 count ...... Beginners/Intermediate Partner/Circle Dance 
			Start in Sweetheart Position...Identical Footwork ...unless noted!! 
Music  			Bad for me - Danielle Peck 
	Rock Steps, recover Steps, Modified Sailor Shuffles 
1-2	Rock left to left side, recover on right 
3&4	Step left behind right, step right to right side, cross left over right 
5-6	Rock right to right side, recover on left 
7&8	Step right behind left, step left tol eft side, step forward on right 

	Forward Step,1/4 CW Turn, Cross Shuffle,1/4 CCW Turns, Rock-Recover-Cross Step 
	keep hands joined while doing these moves. 
1-2	Step forward on left, step right making 1/4 CW Turn 
3&4	Cross left over right, step right quickly to right side, cross left over right 
	Release both hands doing these moves. 
5-6	Step back on right making 1/4 CCW Turn, step back on left making 1/4 CCW Turn 
	Rejoin right hands at this point. 
	Raise right hands and end back in Sweetheart Position. 
7&8	Step back on right making 1/4 CCW Turn, step left back, step forward on right 
	Side Points, Backward Step-Lock-Step, Rock Step, Recover Step 
1-2	Point left to left side, cross left over right 
3-4	Point right to right side, cross right over left 
5&6	Step back on left, cross right in front of left, step back on left 
7-8	Rock back on right, recover on left 
	Forward Step,1/2 CCW Turn,1/2 CCW Turing Shuffle, Forward Shuffles 
	Release left hands as right hands go over Man's head on step 2. 
	continue to have right hands going lady’s Head on steps 3&4. 
1-2	Step forward on right, step left making 1/2 CCW turn 
3&4	Step right making 1/4 turn, step left making 1/4 turn, step forward on right 
	back into Sweetheart postion. 
5&6	Shuffle forward left, right, left 
7&8	Shuffle forward right, left, right 
	End of Dance 
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert July 2007