Choreographer  Larry Boezeman
Description Couples, Side-by-Side
Music No News by Lonestar
You're Something Special To Me by George Strait

	Step Touch, Turn, Touch
1-4	Step forward Right, Touch Left to side, Step forward Left, 	Touch Right to Side
5-8	Gent-Step in place Right, Left, 1/4 turn right on Right, touch, Left to place
	Lady-Step Right, Left, Right doing a 3/4 turn to left, touch, Left to place
	(Release Left hand, raise Right hand over lady's head, rejoin
	Left hand in tandem facing outside LOD).

	Left Grapevine, Touch, Right Grapevine with 1/4 Turn, Touch
9-12	Step Left to left side, step Right behind Left, Step Left to left, side, Touch Right behind Left
13-16	Step Right to Right side, Step Left behind Right, Step Right back with 1/4 turn left, Hook Left across Right

	Shuffles, Left Grapevine with 1/4 Turn
17-20	Shuffle forward Left, Shuffle forward Right
21-24	Gent-Step Left to left side with 1/4 turn Right, Step Right behind Left, Step Left to left side, 
	Touch Right toe behind Left, Lady-Step Left foot forward to Left side with 1/4 turn Left, step 
	Right to right side, step Left behind Right, Touch Right to Right side
	(Right hand over lady's head to face each other, do not release hands)

	Right Grapevine with 1/4 Turn
25-28	Gent-Step Right to Right side, step Left behind Right, Step 	Back Right with 1/4 turn left, 
	Touch Left toe back Lady-Cross Right over Left, Step Left to left side, step back Right with 1/4 turn right.  
	Touch Left toe back (Right hands go over lady's head back to side by side)
29-32	Step forward with Left, Slide Right behind Left, step  Forward with Left, scuff Right*

	*Option for steps 29-32
29-32	Left grapevine with 1/4 turns, step Left foot forward With 1/4 turn to right, Step Right behind left, 
	Step Left Forward with 1/4 turn Left, Scuff Right

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Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert May 2001