Silver Buckle Waltz
Choreographed by Bobby Curtis 415 457-3128 - Dec/92
Description Partner Dance, Couples start facing each other perpendicular to
LOD withhands on belt buckles [Lady faces ILOD, Man OLOD]
Music Could I have this Dance Ė Ann Murray or any medium to slow waltz
Note Man & Lady Follow same steps except where noted

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Sashay Left, Sashay Right, Cathedral Turn
Special Note: Beats 1-6 are performed only once, at the very beginning of the dance
1 Turn to the left & step slightly Fwd on left [man & lady are right shoulder to right shoulder
man faces LOD, Lady RLOD]
2-3 Step in place Right, Left
4 Swivel 1/2 turn right on ball of left & step slightly fwd on right [Man & Lady are left shoulder to left shoulder,
Man faces RLOD, Lady LOD]
5-6 Step in place Left Right
7-12 Man & Lady place left arms round each otherís waists and join right hands overhead
[insides of fingers together pointed in an upside-down "V" configuration].
With left shoulder to left shoulder they make one Full CW revolution
Man Lady
Manís 1/2 Turn Left & Ladyís 3/4 Left Spin into a Promenade into LOD
Place left hands on belt buckle.
13 Turn left 1/4 left & step Step on Lt and begin 3/4 turn CCW spin on ball of Lt
Lady spins under manís right arm
14-15 Step left next to right, Turn left 1/4 to left Continue 3/4 CCW spin, Complete Spin
Rejoin left hands, man & lady back in promenade position
17-18 Both Ė Waltz forward R.L.R
Leg Swing, Knee Hook & Leg Swing Forward, Man & Ladyís CW turn
19-21 Step forward on left, Extend right leg diagonally out to left, Swing extended leg forward
22-24 Step forward on right, Left Hook [left foot next to right calf], Swing left leg forward
Release right hands
25 Step forward on left and begin Full CW turn by pivoting on ball of left
Mans left arm over ladyís head
26 Continue CW turn by stepping to side [toward LOD] pivoting on right
27 Complete turn by stepping forward on left
Release left hands and place on belt buckle, rejoin right hands in front of ladyís waist
28-30 Raise ladyís right hand and step R.L.R Step one Full CCW turn under manís right arm
Back in Promenade
Forward & Back, Jazz Box, Leg Swing, & Heel Hook
31-33 Step forward on Left, Right, Step left next to right
34-36 Step back on Right, left, Step right next to left
37-39 Cross left over right & Rock, Recover onto right, Step left beside right
40-42 Cross right over left & step, Swing left around to front, Cross left in front of left shin
Man & Ladyís Full CCW forward Moving Turn with Hand Exchanges
43 Release Left hands Step forward on left & turn 1/4 turn left [mans right arm over ladyís head]
44 Step to side on right [rejoin left hands behind manís back]
45 Release right hands Turn 1/4 CCW on ball of right & step back on Left
46 Pivot 1/4 turn CCW on ball of left, cross right over left & step [Lady begins to turn under manís left
arm; Man picks up and rejoins ladyís right hand as she comes around
47 Turn left 1/4 turn CCW and step forward on left [Manís arm passes over ladyís head as they turn]
48 Step forward on right [ rejoin right hands on Promenade]
Lady into Skaters Position, Back to Promenade & Ladyís 2 1/4 Spin
Man raises both of ladyís hands above her head
49 Step forward on left Step forward on left,& begin one Full CW turn on
this beat pivoting on ball of left
50 Step forward on right Finish CW turn stepping forward on right
Man & Lady bring arms down to Skaters position
51 Both Step forward on Left
Man raises both of ladyís hands above her head
52 Step forward on right Step forward on right & begin one full CCW on this
beat pivoting on ball of right
53-54 Step forward on left, right Finish CCW turn by stepping forward on on left, right
Man & lady return to Promenade position
55-60 Man places his left hand on his belt buckle,raises
ladyís right hand in order to spin her 2 1/2 CW and
does a normal 6 count waltz pattern sequence
forward. On beat 59 man pivots 1/2 turn CW on ball
of left to face RLOD. On beat 60, man rocks back
slightly on right, keeps the ladyís right hand raised
and Prepares to enter the "Cathedral" turn on beat 7
Lady place her left hand on her belt buckle & Executes
spin under manís right hand on these 6 beats Finishing facing LOD on manís left side on beat 60,
The Lady, with her right hand raised in the manís right, prepares to enter the "cathedral turn on beat 7
Begin Dance Again on Beat 7