Choreographed by Allan Hocking & Kathryn Hocking 
Description 40 Count: Partner Dance, Sweetheart position - lady's steps listed
Music Honky Tonk Song by BR5-49
Take Me Dancing by Henry Smith’s Country Dreams

	LADIES STEPS  (gentlemen are on opposite feet unless stated)

1&2	Right kick ball change
3&4	Right shuffle forward
5&6	Left Kick ball change
7&8	Left shuffle forward

9&10	Shuffle to right side, (release both hands, pick up inside hands)
11-12	Rock back onto left, Rock forward on right
13&14	Shuffle to left side, (crossing in front of man changing sides, gentleman goes to right, changing inside hands)
15-16	Rock back on right turning 1/4 to right, Rock forward on left (now facing partner in double hand hold)

17&18	Right shuffle forward (man shuffles back)
19-20	Rock forward on left, Rock back on right
21&22	Left shuffle back (man shuffles forward)
23-24	Rock back on right, Rock forward on left

25-28	Right grapevine turning 1/4 right, touch (gentleman goes to left, hold inside hands) RLOD
29-32	Rolling grapevine to left, touch (crossing in front of man, gentleman goes to right, changing inside hands)

33&34	Right shuffle backwards
35&36	Left shuffle turning 1/2 to left (gentleman turns to right release hands) LOD

37&38	Right shuffle forwards  	 	Rejoin hands in sweetheart position ready to start again.
39&40	Left shuffle forwards   		
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert October 2002