The Shooter Shuffle

Choreographed By Unknown
This step description with added turns prepared by John & Janette Sandham
Description Intermediate Partner Dance in Side by Side [Sweetheart] position
Man & Lady on Opposite footwork
Music Boot Scooting Boogie - Brooks & Dunn

1-2 Right toe touch forward, right toe touch across in front of left
3-4 Right Heel touch forward, Step right next to left
5-6 Left touch forward, left lift and cross to touch toes with lady's right
7-8 Left touch to left, lift left and touch heels behind with partner
Release Right hands, Keep hold with left
9-12 Vine to Left, Scoot [forward travel on Scoot] Lady Vine right
13-16 Man     Vine to right, Scoot [ Man cross behind lady]
Lady    Vine left, scoot making 1/2 turn left to face RLOD
17-20 Man     Step Left, Right, Left, Scoot. On the Spot
Lady    Step Right, Left, Right, Scoot, turning 1/2 turn left to end facing LOD
Keep left hands above Lady's head throughout these two turns
21-24 Man     Vine Left, Scoot [ Crossing Right over left & Crossing in front of Lady ]
Lady    Vine Right, Scoot [ Crossing Left over right & Crossing behind man ]
Change hands during Cross over Gents Right picking up lady's Left
25-28 Man    Vine Right, Scoot [ Crossing Left over Right & Travel to your partners Side]
Lady   Vine Left, Scoot [Crossing Rt over Lt & make a Full turn left toward your partner]
Change hands man takes up lady' Rt in his Rt to return to Side by Side position
29&30 Right Shuffle
31&32 Left Shuffle
33&34 Right Shuffle
35&36 Left Shuffle
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