She's Gone

Choreographer Eddie Bolton 
Description Partner Dance
Music She is Gone by Redfern & Crookes

Jump Back, Heel Forward, Cross Touch, Step Forward, Sweep
1/2 Turn Point, Switch Side Point, Hold, Switch Heel Ball Cross
&1-2     Jump back onto Left, touch Right heel forward, touch Right toe over Left
3-4       Step forward onto Right, sweep left leg 1/2 turn Right, pointing Left toe to Left
&5-6     Quickly bring Left back to place, point Right toe to Right, HOLD
&7&8    Bring Right back to place, touch Left heel forward, quickly step back onto ball of left,
           cross Right over Left, (Gent slightly to rear of Lady)

Step Side, Behind, Side Chasse, Cross, Rock,
(Gent) Cha Cha On Spot, (Lady) Full Right Turn
1-2      Step Left to Left, step Right behind Left
3&4     Step Left to Left, quickly slide Right up to Left, step Left to Left side
5-6      Cross step Right diagonally over Left (Gent cross rocks in front of Lady)
step in place on Left
        ( release Left hands)
7&8     Man Cha cha on the spot Right, Left, Right (Raise Right hand for Lady to pass under)
Steps full turn Right on Right, Left, Right (Lady passes in front of Gent, retake hold of 
          Left hands on completion of step 8 as Lady resumes sweetheart position)

Step Side, Cross, Back Lock Back, (Gent) Step 1/2 Turn Right Together,
(Lady) Full Turn Back, (Gent) Shuffle Forward, (Lady) 1/2 Turn Right Shuffle
1-2     Step to Left on Left, cross step Right over Left
3&4    Step back on Left, lock step back Right over Left, step back on Left
5-6     Gent Step back on Right into 1/2 turn Right, step Left up to Right
         Lady Step back on Right, into 1/2 turn Right, step forward on
         Left turning a further 1/2 turn Right, (Release hold of Left hands and raise Right hands)
7&8   Gent Shuffle forward on Right, Left, Right (keep steps small)
         Lady Turning under raised Right hands shuffles 1/2 turn Right over Right shoulder
        (Retake Left hands to resume sweetheart position facing LOD)

Step Forward, Kick Forward, Shuffle Back, Step Back, Touch, Shuffle Forward
1-2     Step forward on Left, kick Right forward
3-4     Shuffle back on Right, Left, Right
5-6     Step back on Left, touch Right toe to Left instep
7&8    Shuffle forward on Right, Left, Right
End of Dance - Repeat Sequence

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert October 2001