Shake It For 2

Choreographed by 	Mick Harris (Hayling Island C.W.D.C.) 
Description 	64 count partner dance
		Begin in open hand position holding mans right and ladies left hand.
		Opposite footwork throughout. Mans steps shown.
Music 		Country Girl (Shake It For Me) - Luke Bryan.
	Walk, Walk, Shufflex2
1-2,3&4 	Walk L,R, Shuffle LRL.
5-6,7&8 	Walk R,L, Shuffle RLR.
	 Turn, Side Behind, Side Shuffle, Rock Recover Side Shuffle.
1-2,3&4 	Turn  Right Stepping With Left, (Picking Up Mans L. Hand And Ladies R. Hand ),
	Step Right Behind Left, Side Shuffle L.R.L. ( OLOD.)
5-6,7&8 	Rock Right Behind Left, Recover On Left, Side Shuffle R.L.R.
	Rock , Recover  Turn Shuffle , Walk, Walk , Shuffle.
	(Release Mans Left Hand And Ladies Right Hand)
1-2,3&4 	Rock Left Behind Right , Recover On Right Turning  Left , Shuffle L.R.L. (LOD).
5-6,7&8 	Walk R,L, Shuffle Forward R.L.R.
	 Turn , Step Back , Shuffle Back.  Turn , 1/2 Turn, Shuffle Back.
	(Release Mans Right Hand , Pick Up Mans Left Hand & Ladies Right Hand)
1-2,3&4 	Turn  Right (RLOD) Stepping Forward On Left, Step Back On Right, Shuffle Back L.R.L.
	(Release Hands Picking Up Mans Left , Ladies Right On Back Shuffle)
5-6,7&8 	Turn  Right On Right (LOD) , Turn  Right Stepping Forward On Left , Shuffle Back R.L.R. (RLOD).
	Step Back , Step Back  ,Cross Shuffle,  Turn,  Turn, Cross Shuffle.
1-2,3&4 	Step Back Left , Step Back On Right Turning  Right, Cross Shuffle L.R.L (ILOD)
5-6 	Turn  Left Stepping Back On Right, Turn  Left Stepping Left (OLOD)
7&8	Cross Shuffle R.L.R.(Picking Up Mans Right And Ladies Left Hand).
	Rock, Recover,  Turn Left Sailor Step , Bump Hips R.L.R, L.R.L.
1-2 	Rock Left Out To Left, Recover On Right, (Release Mans Left And Ladies Right Hand),
3&4	Step Left Behind Right Turning A  Left, Step Right Slightly To Right,
	Step Left In Place (Sailor Turn).
5&6,7&8	 Bump Hips R.L.R, Bump Hips L.R.L.

	Side , Behind, Scissor Step. Side, Behind , Scissor Step.
1-2 	Step Right To Right Side, Step Left Behind Right,(Release Mans Right Hand Picking Up Left Hand)
3&4	Step Right To Right, Slide Left Beside Right, Cross Right Over Left.
5-6	Step Left On Left, Step Right Behind Left,
	(Release Mans Left Hand Picking Up Right Hand) 
7&8	Step Left To Left, Slide Right Beside Left, Cross Left Over Right.
	(1-2,3&4 Man Crosses In Front Of Lady, 5-6,7&8 Man Crosses Back In Front Of Lady)

	Rock , Recover, Coaster Step,  Turn Shuffle,  Turn Shuffle
1-2,3&4	Rock Forward On Right, Recover On Left, Step Back On Right, Step Left Next To Right,
	Step Forward On Right (Back Coaster Step).
5&6,7&8 	(Release Hands)  Turn Shuffle Right, L.R.L.  Turn Shuffle Right, R.L.R.
	(Pick Up Mans Right And Ladies Left Hands To Start Again).
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert June 2011