Sexy Hips
Choreographer Hazel Parfitt 15/10/02
Description  56 Count Partner Dance start in Right Side by Side
Music  Lyiní to my Heart - Janai.
Fallen - Speed Limit.

Dedicated to our friends Jean & Keith Danby

	Stomp X 2, Kick X 2, Coaster Step, Walk X 2
1-2 	Stomp right twice
3-4 	Kick right forward twice
5&6 	Right coaster step
7-8 	Walk forward left, right
	Left Vine, Touch, Right Vine with turn, Touch
1-2 	Step left with left , Cross right behind left
3-4 	Step left with left , Touch right beside left
	Manís Steps Lady's Steps
5 	Step right to right side 	Drop left hands 	Roll 1.1/4 CW over three
6 	Step left behind right 		& raise right to	counts with a touch
7 	Right step 1/4 CW 		finish in Indian
8 	Left touch beside right 	position
	Step, Slide, Shuffle X 3
1-2 	Left step side, to LOD, Right slide beside left
3&4 	Left shuffle 1/4 turn CCW - Now in Right Side by Side
5&6 	Right shuffle forward
7&8 	Left shuffle forward

	Step X 2, Hip Bumps X 9
1-2 	Step forward right, step forward left
3&4 	Bump hips left, right, left
5&6 	Bump hips right, left, right
7&8 	Bump hips left, right, left
	Shuffle X 2, Step Pivot X 2
1&2 	Right shuffle forward
3&4 	Left shuffle forward
5-6 	Step forward right, pivot 1/2 turn CCW
7-8 	Step forward right, pivot 1/2 turn CCW
	Shuffles X 4
1-8 	Four shuffles forward commencing with right shuffle
	Drop left arm & raise right, Lady does one full turn CW on 2nd. & 3rd. Shuffle

	Heel struts X 4
1-8 	Four heel struts commencing with right
For styling: Place heel forward then angle foot outwards as you place toe down
	Start over

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Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert

October 2002