Seeing You Everywhere

Choreographed by 	Karen & Nigel Poll – March 2016 pollykaz
		01379 853571 ~
Description 	64 count dance, Facing OLOD, Open hand Hold (Left shoulder to Left shoulder)
		Opposite footwork, unless stated.
Music 		Everywhere – Tim McGraw, CD: No One Hits
	Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Rock, recover, Shuffle (Lady Pivot ½ turn Shuffle)
1-4 	Walk, Left, Right, Left shuffle, turning ½ turn Left, (to face ILOD)
5-8 	Man – Rock back Right, recover Left, Right Shuffle forward
	Lady – Step forward, left pivot ½ right, Left Shuffle forward
	Step Pivot ½ turn, Shuffle, Walk, Walk, turning ¼ Shuffle
	(lady ¾ turn Shuffle) into LOD, Sweetheart Position
9-12 	Step forward Left, Pivot ½ Right, left shuffle forward (facing LOD)
13-16 	Man – Walk right, Left, turning ¼ left, Right shuffle forward (into LOD)
	Lady – Step back left turn ¼ right, step forward right turning ½ right, Left shuffle forward
	Step Lock, Shuffle, Walk, Walk Shuffle (Lady ½ Shuffle) into closed Western
17-20 	Step forward, Left, Lock, Right behind left, Left, shuffle forward
21-24 	Man – Walk, forward Right, left, Right Shuffle
	Lady – Step back Left turning ¼ right, turn ¼ right stepping back Right, left shuffle back
	Step Fwd, Point, Shuffle, Rock recover, Shuffle back (Lady ½ Shuffle into wrap)
25-28 	Step forward left, point Right to right side, Right shuffle forward
29-32 	Man - Rock forward Left, recover Right, Left shuffle backwards
	Lady – Rock back Right, recover on Left, Right shuffle ½ Left, into wrap facing LOD
	Turn ½ Right step Fwd Right, Left, Right Shuffle (into RLOD) ½ turn Left Shuffle (LOD)
33–36 	Man, Turn ½ Right, stepping forward right, Step forward Left, right shuffle (into RLOD)
	Lady, Turn ½ Left, stepping forward left, step forward Right, Left shuffle Holding inside hands
37-40 	Man – Turn ½ Left, Stepping forward Left, right, Left shuffle, in LOD under raised arms
	Lady –Turn ¼ Left step back Right, Turn ¼ Left step side Left, right shuffle under raised arms
	(to end on left side of man still holding inside hands, Mans Left ladies Right)
	Step Lock Shuffle, Walk Walk Shuffle, (Lady ½ turn, Shuffle)
41-44 	Step forward Right, Lock Left behind right, right shuffle forward
45-48 	Man – Walk Left, Right, Left shuffle forward. (into LOD, into Closed Western)
	Lady – Turn ½ Left, step back Right, step back left, right shuffle back
	Step point, Shuffle, rock, recover Shuffle
49-52 	Step forward right, Point Left to Left side, Left shuffle forward,
53-56 	Rock forward right, recover on left, right shuffle back
	Step Back Left, turn ¼ right, step side Right, left Shuffle on spot,
	Rock Recover, Shuffle back (OLOD)
57-60 	Man – Step back left, turn ¼ Right stepping right to right side, left shuffle on the spot
	(closed western)
	Lady – Step forward right (under raised arms) turning ¼ Left, turn ½ left stepping
	Left to side, Right shuffle on the spot
61-64 	Rock back Right, recover on left, right shuffle forward
	(Open Hand Hold, Left shoulder to Left shoulder)
	Start Again 					March 2016