Saying Goodbye
(In memory of Pat D’arcy)

Choreographed By Allen Matthias ~ 023 9252 3355 – 
Description  48 Count Partner Dance Waltz (Sweetheart Position) Same Footwork
Music  I don’t want to say goodbye - Teddy Thompson
CD::Brokeback Mountain

1-6 	Both 	Left Twinkle and Right Twinkle
7-9 	Gent 	Left Twinkle
	Lady 	½ Right on L.R.L. (R.L.O.).
		Bring Left hand over Ladies Head, Left shoulder to Left shoulder
10-12 	Gent 	Left forward R.L.R.
	Lady 	Back R.L.R.
13-15 	Gent 	Back on L.R.L
	Lady 	Forward on L.R.L.
16-18 	Gent 	Forward on R.L.R
	Lady 	½ turn left R.L.R. Left hand over lady’s head (facing LOD)
19-21 	Gent 	L.R.L. on the spot
	Lady 	½ Turn Right on L.R.L. Left hand over lady’s head (Facing RLOD)
		Right Shoulder to right Shoulder
22-24 	Gent 	Forward on R.L.R
	Lady 	Back on R.L.R
25-27 	Gent 	Forward on L.R.L. (Small steps)
28-30 		Back on R.L. R
25-27 	Lady 	Forward L.R.L..
28-30 		R.L.R. Lady ½ turn Right going behind gent,
		Taking Left hand over Gents head. Lady will finish on Gents left side.
31-33 	Gent 	L.R.L. on the spot
	Lady 	½ turn right on L.R.L.. Back in Side by side
34-36 	Both 	Forward on R.L.R
37-39 	Both 	½ turn Right on L.R.L. Raise Right arm
40-42 	Both 	½ Turn Right stepping back on R.L.R
43-45 	Both 	Left Forward, Lock R behind L, step forward
46- 48 	Both 	Right forward, lock L behind R, Step forward on R
	Start again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert May 2006