Choreographed by Pim Humphrey ~ 
Description  32 count 4 wall beginner line dance
Music  Just another woman in love - Anne Murray CD: All of me - 96 BPM
Let your love flow, Bellamy Brothers (CD Best of Bellamy Brothers)

	Rock Step, Back Shuffle, Back Rock, Shuffle
1-2 	Step forward on right, recover weight on left
3&4 	shuffle back with right left right,
5-6 	Step back on left, recover weight on right,
7&8 	shuffle forward with left right left
	Side Rock, Cross Shuffle ,  right,  right, Shuffle
1-2 	Step side on right, recover weight on left,
3&4 	cross shuffle right over left
5-6 	Make a  turn right stepping back on left, make a  turn right stepping right to right side
7&8 	Left shuffle forward
	Point Sweep Behind Side Cross, Point Sweep Behind Turn Step
1-2 	Point right toe forward, sweep right round behind left,
3&4 	step right behind left, Step side left, cross right over left.
5-6 	Point left toe forward, sweep left round behind right,
7&8 	step left behind right, turn  turn left on right, step left by right
	Rock Step Coaster Step, Rock Step  Turn Triple
1 2 	Step forward on right , recover weight on left
3&4 	Step back on right, step left by right, step forward on right
5-6 	Step forward on Left, recover weight on right
7&8 	Turn  turn to left with left right left.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert November 2005