Reach My Heart

Choreographer 	Helen A. Walker, December 2017 - UK/USA
Description 	32 Count, 4 Wall Line Dance
Music: 		Far to Go - Ronnie Beard - 16 count intro - No Tags Or Restarts,
Alt. Music: 	Any cha cha.

S1: 	Step back, tap, triple fwd, rock fwd, triple  turn
1 2 	Step back R, tap L across and in front of R
3&4	L triple step fwd
5 6 	Rock R fwd, recover weight on L
7&8 	R Triple step  turn R to (6:00 wall)

S2: 	L triple, R rock, R side together chasse R
1&2 	L triple step  to (12:00 wall)
3 4 	R rock back, recover weight fwd on L
5 6 	Step R side L together
7&8 	R chasse

S3: 	L cross rock, L triple , R lock step, r triple step
1 2 	L cross rock over R recover weight on R
3&4 	L triple  turn L ( 9:00 wall)
5 6 	R lock step fwd
7&8 	R triple step fwd

S4: 	L rock recover, L triple , r triple  step L slide R
1 2 	L rock fwd recover weight on R
3&4 	L triple step turning  turn L
5&6 	R triple step  turn
7 8 	Step back L slide R up and past L ready to start the dance again
							January 2018