Choreographed by John & Gail Wood
Description Couples Dance, In side by side; 48 beats of music
Music Any 4 beat music at 118 Bpm
Alt Phoenix - The James Twins,
  Cruisin'' - Dave Sheriff,
  Wheels - Marty Stuart,
  Cryin' ain't Dyin' -Tracy Lawrence
1-2 Step LEFT over right at 45 deg, Rock back onto RIGHT
3-4 Step LEFT in place, HOLD
5-6 Step RIGHT over left at 45 deg, Rock back onto LEFT
7-8 Step RIGHT on place, HOLD
9-12 3 Steps L.R.L. turning 1/4 turn on first step, HOLD one beat Turn 3/4 turn on L.R.L. HOLD
  (ARM MOVEMENTS-Man brings ladies left arm over her head
whilst turning changing hands when facing each other)
  MAN & LADY.  
13-16 Rock back on RIGHT behind left,Rock forward on LEFT, Step together RIGHT, HOLD
17-20 Rock forward LEFT, Rock back on RIGHT , Step together LEFT, HOLD
21-24 Step R.L.R. turning CCW. HOLD Step R.L.R. turning 3/4 CCW. HOLD
  (ARM MOVEMENTS Man brings ladies right arm over her head into wrap, lady on mans right )
25-28 Step forward on LEFT at 45 deg, Slide RIGHT to left, Step forward on LEFT.
Touch RIGHT beside left
29-32 Step forward on RIGHT at 45 deg, Slide LEFT to right, step forward RIGHT
& Brush LEFT foot forward
33-36 Step LEFT side left, cross RIGHT behind left, step LEFT side left, touch RIGHT beside left
37-40 MAN  Vine RIGHT R.L.R& touch LEFT to right LADY. Three step turn CW R.L.R & touch LEFT beside right
  (ARM Movements Bring both arms over ladies head, changing hands to return to
side by side position)
41-48 Four shuffles, LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT

SMILE & START AGAIN                                                                                                    November 1999