Out Fishing

Choreographed by 	Allen Matthias
Description 	Partner dance (64 count) Start: Side by Side holding inside hands,
		opposite footwork Gent’s steps listed.
Music: 		I’ll probably be out Fishing - Toby Keith C.D: Drinks after Work
1-4 	Left to Left side together with right left shuffle forward.
5-8 	Walk Right, Walk Left, Right Shuffle Forward.
9-12 	Step forward on left, Pivot half turn to the right, left shuffle forward.
13-16 	Walk right left, right shuffle (making half turn to the left, walking behind the lady)
17-20 	Walk left right, left shuffle
21-24 	Step forward on right, pivot ¼ turn left, touch right beside left hold.
25-28 	Walk right left right shuffle making ½ turn to the right
29-32 	Walk left, right shuffle, ½ turn to the right (Pinwheel full turn right)
33-36 	Walk right, left, right shuffle, making ¼ turn to right
	Change sides right hand over lady's head

37-40 	Step forward on left, ¼ turn to right, touch left to side right, hold.
41-44 	Left vine with ¼ turn to left, brush right
45-48 	Gent: Walk Right Left, Right shuffle
	Lady: ½ turn right on left right, left shuffle back.
49-52 	Gent: Cross rock left over right. Recover on right, left side shuffle.
	Lady: (Just back rock)
53-56 	Cross rock right over left, recover on left, right side shuffle.
57-60 	Gent: Rock back on left, recover on right, step forward on left and hold
	Lady: Step forward on right, pivot half turn left, step forward on right and hold.
61-64 	Walk forward right, left, right and touch left beside right