Our World
Choreographer 	Hazel Pace 01538 360886 Mobile 0793 069 0002. hazelssilverspurs@tesco.net 
Description 	32 Count Partner Dance. Start Facing OLOD, Gent behind Lady,
		Holding hands above shoulders.
Music: 		Its Your World Now - The Eagles (BPM 124) CD: Long Road Out Of Eden.
		Intro: Start on Vocals.
1-8 	Cross Side Behind 1/4 Turn Left, Step 1/4 Turn Left, Cross Rock Recover.
	(Gent makes a 3/4 turn left going under left arms, drop right).
1-2 	Cross right over left, step left to left side.
3-4 	Step right behind left, make 1/4 turn left stepping forward on left.
	Gent 					Lady
5-6 	Step forward on right, 3/4 pivot turn left to		Step forward on right, make 1/4
	face lady. (OLOD). 				pivot left. (ILOD)
7  8 	Cross rock right over left right shoulder to right shoulder, recover on left.
	(On count 7 drop left hands, right palm to palm as you cross rock).

9-16 	Make 1/4 Turn Right, Rock Recover, !/2 Turn Left, Rock Recover, Back Recover.
	(No hand hold). (Gent walk back right, left on last 2 counts).
	(Count 2, as you rock forward on left Lady left palm to left palm with Gent in front,
	Count 5, as you rock forward on right Lady right palm to right palm with Gent behind).
1-2-3 	Step right 1/4 turn right, rock fwd on left, recover on right. (Lady LOD, Gent RLOD).
4-5-6 	Make 1/2 turn left stepping fwd on left, rock fwd on right, recover on left. (Lady RLOD, Gent LOD)
	Gent 					Lady
7-8 	Walk back on right, left. (Small steps). 		Rock back on right, recover on left

17-24 	Step 1/2 Pivot Left, Walk Right, Left, Right, Together, Stride Back Together.
1-2 	Rock back on right, recover on left 		Step Forward on right, 1/2 pivot turn left.
	(Both facing LOD).
3-6 	Walk forward on right, left, right taking bigger steps than normal, step left beside right.
7-8 	Stride back on right, step left beside right.
	(Going into sweetheart on count 2 as Lady turns left).

25  32 	Step HOLD, Full Turn Right, Make 1/4 Turn Right, Sway Right, Left, HOLD
	(Gent on counts 3-4 walk right, left).
1-2 	Step forward on right, HOLD.
	Gent 					Lady
3-4 	Walk forward on left, right 			Make 1/2 turn right stepping back on left,
						make1/2 turn right stepping forward on right
	(Drop left, Lady goes under right going back into starting position on count 5).
5-6 	Make 1/4 turn right rocking left to left side, rock onto right to right side.
7-8 	Rock onto left to left side, HOLD.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
http://www.arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk February 2008