Our Elusive Dreams

Choreographer 	Madeleine Jones September 2012 
Description 	32 Count Improver Partner Dance
Music 		My Elusive Dreams - Tom Jones C.D: Delilah
		94 BPM. 16 Count Intro
	Rock back recover, Shuffle, Walk, Walk, Shuffle.
1-2 	Rock Back on right, Recover on to left.
3&4 	Step right forward, Step left beside right, Step right forward.
5-6 	Walk forward left, right.
7&8 	Step forward left, Step left beside right, step forward left.
	Sway right left, Sailor step, Hook turn , Shuffle.
1-2 	Sway hips right, Sway hips left.
3&4 	Step right behind left, Step left to left side, Step right to right side.
5-6 	Step forward left, Pivot  turn right hooking right foot across left shin.
7&8 	Step forward right, Step left beside right, Step forward right.
	Walk forward x 2, Side drag, Walk back x 2, Side drag.
1-2 	Walk forward left, Right.
3-4 	Step long step to left, Drag right foot and touch beside left,
5-6 	Walk back right, Left.
7-8 	Step long step to right side, Drag left foot and touch beside right.
	Step, Turn  left, Back, Tap, Step, Lock, Step, Back.
1-4 	Step left forward, Step back right turning  left, Step back left, Tap right over left.
5-8 	Step right forward, step left behind right, step right forward, Step back on left.
	Start again, enjoy.
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