One Promise Too Late

Choreographed by 	Angela & Peter Kimber – 2016 – 01993 831248
Description 	56 count partner dance - Opposite feet throughout – Man’s steps
		listed, Start holding inside hands facing LOD – 16 count intro
Music 		One Promise Too Late - Reba McEntire (CD: Reba #1’s)
1-8 L	ong step back,touch,shuffle fwd,side rock,recover,cross shuffle changing places
1-4 	Long step back LT,touch RT in front,shuffle fwd RT,LT,RT
5-8 	Rock LT to side,recover,cross shuffle LT,RT,LT passing behind lady
	(Change hands as pass)
9-16 	Long Step Back,Touch,Shuffle Fwd,Side Rock,Cross,Side,Close
9-12 L	ong step back RT,touch LT in front,shuffle fwd LT,RT,LT
13-16 	Man: Rock RT to side,recover,cross RT over LT,step LT to side,close RT
	Lady: Rock LT to side,recover,triple step LT,RT,LT with ½ turn RT (to RLOD)
	(Pick up in Closed Western)
17-24 	Rock Fwd,Recover,Shuffle Back,Rock Back,Recover,Shuffle Fwd
17-20 	Rock LT fwd,recover,Shuffle back LT,RT,LT
18-24 	Man: Rock RT back,shuffle fwd RT,LT,RT
	Lady: Rock LT fwd,recover, shuffle fwd LT,RT,LT with ½ turn LT (to LOD)
	(Release as Lady turns & pick up in Skaters)
25-32 	Step,Lock,Step X 2 Down LOD, Step ¼ Turn RT,Close,Shuffle Back With ¼ Turn RT
25-28 	Step LT fwd,lock RT behind,Step LT fwd, step RT fwd,lock LT behind,step RT fwd
29-32 	Step LT with ¼ turn RT(to OLOD),close RT,shuffle back LT,RT,LT with ¼ turn RT (to RLOD)
Lady: 	Step RT with ¼ turn LT(to ILOD),close LT,shuffle back RT,LT,RT with ¼ turn LT (to RLOD)
	(Release RT hands as turn & pick up in VW – RT hands on top)
33-40 	Step Back,Lock,Shuffle Back,Back Rocking Chair
33-36 	Step RT back,lock LT in front,shuffle back RT,LT,RT
37-40 	Rock LT back,recover,rock LT fwd,recover
41-44 	Shuffle With ½ Turn LT X 2 - Travelling Down LOD
41-44 	Shuffle LT,RT,LT with ½ turn LT, shuffle RT,LT,RT with ½ turn LT (to RLOD)
	(Release hands as turn & pick up inside hands)
45-48 	Step Back,Touch,Step Side With ¼ Turn To Face Partner,Touch
45- 48 	Step LT back,touch RT,step RT to side with ¼ turn LT to face partner,touch Lt
	Lady: Step RT back,touch LT,step LT to side with ¼ turn RT to face partner,touch RT
	(Join in double hand hold for Pinwheel – slightly offset LT to LT shoulders)
49-56 	(Pinwheel) Shuffle Fwd,Step Fwd X 2,Shuffle Fwd,
	Step To Side With ¼ Turn To LOD,CLOSE
49-56 	Shuffle LT,RT,LT fwd,step RT,LT fwd,shuffle RT,LT,RT fwd turning to end facing ILOD
	Step LT to side with ¼ turn RT (to LOD),CLOSE RT together
	Lady: Shuffle RT,LT,RT fwd,step LT,RT fwd,shuffle LT,RT,LT fwd to end facing OLOD
	Step RT to side with ¼ turn LT (to LOD),CLOSE LT together
	(Release outside hands as turn to LOD & keep inside hands ready to
	Start Again				January 2017