One Dance With You
Choreographed by Larry & Terri Boezeman - 
Description  Partner 48 count, open promenade, Manís foot work is written, Lady is mirror image
Music Vince Gill, One Dance With You
Delbert McClinton, Got You on My Mind (A little slower)

		Shuffle, Rock Turn 1/4
1&2        	Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left.
3-4          	Rock forward on Right, step back on Left while pivoting 1/4 turn Right.
               	(Pick up Ladyís Right hand, now in double hand hold)
		Side Shuffle, Rock Step
5&6        	Step Right to side, Left together, Right to side.
7-8         	Rock back on Left, forward on Right.
		Weave, 1/4 Turn Shuffle, Rock Step
9-12       	Step Left to side, behind on Right, to side on Left, step Right across Left.
               	(Release Ladyís left hand, Manís right)
13&14    	Pivot 1/4 on Right while shuffling back Left, Right, Left.
15-16      	Rock back on Right, recover Left. (now facing reverse line of dance)
		Ladyís Wrap, Rock Step
17&18    	Triple step Right, Left, Right while turning 1/2 turn left.
19-20      	Rock back on Left, recover Right (Pick up ladyís left hand in wrap position)
17&18     	Triple step Left, Right, Left while turning 1/2  turn right. (Lady place left arm under right 
		arm while completing turn to go into wrap position).
19-20      	Rock back on Right, recover Left.
		Walk Forward, Scuff
21-24      	Walk forward Left, Right, Left, scuff Right. (Release Ladyís left hand, raise right hand, 
		& let her cross in front of man & cross to left side, now in left hand open promenade)
		Right Shuffle, Rock Pivot 1/2
25&26     	Shuffle forward Right, Left, Right.
27-28      	Rock forward Left, back on Right while pivoting Ĺ turn Left.
               	(Drop Ladyís right hand, pick up Ladyís left hand)
		Left Shuffle, Rock Step With 1/4 Pivot
29&30    	Shuffle Left, Right, Left (Reverse line of dance)
31-32      	Rock forward on Right, pivot 1/4 right on Left (now facing partner, pick up both hands)
		Weave, 1/4 Turn Shuffle, Rock 1/2 Pivot
33-36      	Step Right to side, across on Left, Right to side, Left behind Right.
37&38    	(Drop Ladyís left hand) pivot 1/4 turn Right & shuffle Right, Left, Right.
39-40      	Rock forward on Left, rock back on Right & pivot 1/2 left. (drop Ladyís Right hand & pick up left)
		Shuffle, Rock
41&42     	Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left.
43-44       	Rock forward on Right, rock back on Left.
		Walk Around, Scuff
45-48      	Walk behind lady Right, Left, Right while turning 1/2 turn Right scuff Left.
45-48      	Walk Left, Right,  Left, while turning 1/2 turn Left, scuff Right. (Lady crosses in front of man, 
		ladyís left  Hand in manís right)  (Now in original starting position).
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert December 2001