Older And Grayer

Description: 	64 Count Partner Dance
Start: 		Man facing OLOD Lady facing ILOD double hand hold. Mans steps listed.
		Lady on opposite foot pattern throughout unless stated.
Adapted by: 	Al & Sandy Ord UK al.ord@btinternet,com (01480351742) from Rob Fowlers Line Dance
Music: 		Old and Grey - Derek Ryan - CD: Happy Man. 140 BPM (July2017)
Practice 		Shortening Bread - The Tractors
		The One You Slip Around With - Jan Browne
Video 		https://youtu.be/NaQE6YXzRnY 
	Vine Rt Hitch Lt, Vine Lt  Turn Lt Hitch Rt (Lady Vine Lt, Hitch Rt, Vine Rt  Rt, Hitch Lt)
1-4 	Step Rt to Rt Side, Step Lt behind Rt, Step Rt To Rt Side, Hitch Lt
5-8 	Step Lt To Lt Side, Step Rt behind Lt, Step Lt making  Turn Lt, Hitch Rt
Hands: 	Count 7 release Mans Lt Ladies Rt finish holding Inside Hands facing LOD
	Step Back, Hitch, Step Back, Hitch. Slow Coaster Step, Brush
9-12 	Step Back on Rt, Hitch Lt, Step Back on Lt, Hitch Rt
13-16 	Step Back on Rt, Step Lt beside Rt, Step Fwd on Rt, Brush Lt Fwd
	Step Lock Step Brush. Step Lock Step, Brush
17-20 	Step Fwd Lt, Lock Rt behind Lt, Step Fwd Lt, Brush Rt Fwd
21-24 	Step Fwd Rt, Lock Lt behind Rt, Step Fwd Rt, Brush Lt Fwd
	Slow Jazz Box  Turn away with Hold Steps
25-28 	Step Lt over Rt, Hold, Step Back on Rt, Hold
29-32 	Step Lt to Lt Side making  turn Lt, Hold, Touch Rt beside Lt, Hold
Hands: 	Count 29,30 Now Back to Back Man facing ILOD, Lady OLOD both hands joined behind backs
	Step Side, Step Behind, Step  Turn, Brush, Step  Turn, Step Behind, Step  Turn, Brush
33-36 	Step Rt to Rt Side, Step Lt behind Rt, Make  turn Rt Stepping Rt Fwd, Brush Lt Fwd
37-40 	Step Lt Making  turn Rt , Step Rt behind Lt, Step Lt Fwd making  turn Lt, Brush Rt Fwd
Hands: C	ount 35,36 release Lt finish inside hand hold facing LOD
	Count 37,38 rejoin Lt in double hand hold facing partner, 39 release Lt to inside hands facing LOD
	Slow Mambo Fwd, Hold. Slow Mambo Back, Hold
41-44 	Rock Fwd on Rt, Recover Back on Lt, Step Back on Rt, Hold
45-48 	Rock Back on Lt, Recover Fwd on Rt, Step Fwd on Lt, Hold
	Step Fwd, Hold, Pivot  Turn away, Hold, Step Fwd, Hold, Pivot  to Face, Hold
49-52 	Step Fwd on Rt, Hold, Pivot  turn Lt onto Lt, Hold. (Both facing RLOD)
53-56 	Step Fwd on Rt, Hold, Pivot  turn Lt onto Lt, Hold. (Man facing OLOD, Lady ILOD)
Hands: 	Count 51 release Hands, 52 rejoin inside hands, 55 rejoin in Double Hand Hold facing partner.

	 Rumba Box In, Touch,  Rumba Box Out, Brush
57-60 	Step Rt to Rt Side, Step Lt beside Rt, Step Back on Rt (Lady Steps Fwd Lt) Touch Lt beside Rt
61-64 	Step Lt to Lt Side, Step Rt beside Lt, Step Lt Fwd (Lady Steps Rt Back), Brush Rt
	Start Again and Enjoy					July 2017
Many thanks to Rob Fowler for providing the initial step ideas that came from his great Line Dance
Old & Grey. Also of course, thanks to Derek Ryan for the great music.