Old Friend (Partner)

Choreographed by Margaret Murphy, Feb. 2004. bootsnus@dodo.com.au 
Description  48 beat: Partner Dance Facing OLOD, Man behind Lady, 
Sweetheart position
Music  Old Friend - Scooter Lee

1-3 	Step L to Left side, step R next to Left, step L forward (OLOD)
4-6 	Step R to Right side, step L next to right, step R back (Box Steps)
7-9 	Step L to Left, step Right next to Left, step Left 1/4 right (LOD)
10-12 	Waltz Fwd. RLR 			Waltz 1/2 turn left RLR
13-15 	Fwd coaster step LRL 			Back coaster step LRL
16-18 	Waltz back RLR 			Waltz 1/2 turn left RLR
19-21 	Coaster step back LRL 		Coaster step back LRL (LOD)
22-24 	Waltz Fwd. RLR 			Full turn Left, stepping R.L.R. (LOD)
25-27 	Step large step left on left, drag Right to left, over 3 counts
28-30 	Step large step to Right, drag Left to Right.
31-33 	Twinkle step, stepping Left over Right, step right in place, step left to side
34-36 	Twinkle step, stepping Right over Left, step left in place, step R to R side,
37-39 	Dropping Right hands, turning 1/2 Left - step L.R.L.
40-42 	Turning 1/2 Left  step R.L.R. (LOD)
43-45 	Waltz forward stepping Left, Right, step left 1/4 turn Right (OLOD)
46-48 	Step Right behind Left, step Left to Left, cross step Right over Left.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
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http://www.arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk February 2004