Old Brick Mill

Choreographed by   Bruce Milner & Cathy Brickey (217)673-6271-  bmilner@csj.net -- 
(217)587-3001- catbrickey@hotmail.com
Description  64 count, intermediate/advanced partner dance
Music  Nothin' On But The Radio - Gary Allan 109 bpm CD: See If I Care 
Heavy Liftin' - Blake Shelton  98 bpm  CD: The Dreamer
If French Fries Were Fat Free - Alan Jackson

1-3	Right stroll at a 45 degrees forward
4	Brush left forward
5-7	Left stroll at a 45 degrees forward
8	Brush right forward
9-10	Right shuffle forward
11-12	MAN: 	Step left forward, turn  turn right (under right arms, lower left arms, keep holding hands)
	LADY	Rock left forward, then rock back on right
13-14	MAN: 	Left shuffle turning  turn right (left arm ends up behind you, right arm ends up in front)
	LADY: 	Left shuffle back (keep hold of hands, lower left arm)
15-16	BOTH: 	Rock back on right then rock forward on left
17-22	MAN: 	Right shuffle (forward LOD), left shuffle, right shuffle 
	(Releasing left hands, holding on to right hand ending up on woman's right shoulder/
	right side by side sweetheart position)
	LADY: 	Right shuffle, left shuffle, right shuffle 
	(Releasing left hands, turning left full turn, right hand ends up on your right shoulder 
	and rejoin left hands in front)
23-34 	Repeat steps 11-22

First set/35-46, forward LOD
35-38	MAN: 	Step left behind right (traveling right), step right to right, left shuffle in place
	LADY: 	Step left to left (across in front of man), step right behind left, left shuffle in place 
	(left side by side/sweetheart position)
39-42	Right coaster step back (back right, left next to right, right forward), left shuffle forward (LOD)
43-46	Step right forward, pivot  turn left (now facing RLOD), right shuffle forward (RLOD)
Second set/35-46, RLOD
47-58	Repeat steps 35-46
59-60	Left shuffle forward (raise right arms, drop left and begin a full turn shadow turn right)
61-64	Right shuffle, left shuffle (finishing right shadow turn)
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert
http://www.arjjazedance.free-online.co.uk July 2005