Oh Carol

Choreographed by 	John & Freida Utzig – countyplus@bcglobal.net
Description 	32 Count, 2 Wall Stationary Partner Dance Start in Closed Western,
		Mans steps listed, Ladies on opposite footwork
Music 		Oh Carol – Barbados
		Oh Girl – Vince Gill
	Cross Rock, 1/4 Shuffle, Pivot 1/2, Shuffle 1/2 Turn
1-4 	Cross Rock left over Right, Recover on right (Release Hands) 1/4 turn shuffle to
	Left Stepping R-L-R (End facing 9.00
5-8 	Step Forward Right, pivot 1/3 turn to left onto left, (End facing 3.00) Keep turning 1/2
	Shuffle to Left, stepping R-L-R. (End facing 9.00 with Right arm in middle of lady’s back)
	Rock Step, Shuffle Forward, Rock Step, Shuffle Back
9-12 	Rock back onto Left, Recover onto Right, Shuffle forward stepping L-R-L
	(Turn Lady 1/2 turn Left into Closed Position on the shuffle)
13-16 	Rock forward onto Right, Recover onto Left, Shuffle Back stepping R-L-R
	Rock, Recover, 1/4 Xhuffle, Turn, Turn, Shuffle Forward
17-20 	Rock back onto Left, Recover onto Right, (Release hands) 1/4 turn shuffle to Left
	(Away from Partner) Stepping L-R-L (End facing 9.00)
21-24 	Make Full turn left ((away from partner) stepping forward R-L then shuffle
	forward stepping R-L-R (Rejoin Hands)
	Rock Step, Shuffle Back, rock Step, Shuffle Forward
25-28 	Rock forward onto Left, Recover onto Right, Shuffle back stepping L-R-L
29-32 	Man – Rock back onto right, Recover onto Left, Shuffle Forward stepping R-L-R
	(Turning Lady with Right hand back to starting position – now facing 6.00)
	Lady – Rock back onto Left, Recover ont Right, Turn 1/2 Right shuffling forward L-R-L
	To get in front of Man. (Back to closed Western)