Choreographer Sylvia Scott
(Adapted from Line Dance of the same name by an unknown choreographer)
Description 32 Count Partner Dance Start in Side By Side - Same Foot Pattern Throughout
Music Nothin But Tail Lights - Trace Adkins CD - Most Awesome 5

	Step Slide Step Brush
1-4 	Step Fwd Rt, Slide Lt beside Rt, Step Fwd Rt, Brush Lt past Rt
	Step Slide Step Brush
5-8 	Step Fwd Lt, Slide Rt beside Lt, Step Fwd Lt, Brush Rt past Lt
	Rock Recover Back Lock
9-12 	Rock Fwd on Rt, Rock Back on Lt, Step Back Rt, Lock Lt across Rt
	Back Lock Back Kick
13-16 	Step Back Rt, Lock Lt across Rt, Step Back Rt, Kick Lt Fwd
	Back Coaster Step Hold
17-20 	Step Back on Lt, Step Rt beside Lt, Step Fwd on Lt, Hold
	Rock Recover ½ Turn Hold
21-24 	Rock Fwd onto Rt, Recover Back onto Lt, Step Back on Rt making ½ turn Rt, Hold
	(On turn start to raise Rt hands in front and lower Lt hands behind finish facing RLOD)
	Step Pivot Step Hold
25-28 	Step Fwd Lt, Pivot ½ Turn Rt, Step Fwd Lt, Hold
	(On pivot turn release Lt hands, turn under fully raised Rt hands rejoin in
	sweetheart facing LOD)
	Cross Back Together Stomp
29-32 	Cross Rt over Lt, Step Back on Lt, Step Rt Beside Lt, Stomp Lt beside Rt
	weight ends up on Lt ready to start again)
	Start Again – Grin n Bare It

With thanks to the unknown choreographer of the Linedance who’s permission I could not
request for use and modification of his excellent script.

Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert November 2004