Norfolk Swing
Choreographed by Andrew & Chris Sparkes
Description   48 count partner dance, start closed western man facing OLOD
mans left, opposite feet
Music   Jeans On - Keith Urban, Golden Roads CD
Or any med tempo swing tune

	Basic Swing
1&2 	Side close side LOD
3&4 	Side close side RLOD
5-6 	Rock back, (both) recover.
	Tuck & Turn, Rock apart
7&8 	Side close side LOD bringing lady across front of man
	Raising mans left up and forward ready to pass under
9&10 	Side close side  turn, turning lady  to face (turning clockwise) man LOD Lady RLOD
11-12 	Rock back (both) Recover.
	Open hands at this point
	Basic Swing line of Dance
13&14 	Shuffle LOD Resume closed Western
15&16 	Shuffle LOD
17-18 	Rock, Recover, Man rock forward, Lady back.
	Basic Swing reverse line of Dance
19&20 	Shuffle RLOD
21&22 	Shuffle RLOD
23-24 	Rock, Recover, Man rock back, Lady forward.
	1/4 Turn into basic Swing
25&26 	Step LOD make  turn to face, together, step to side (travel LOD)
27&28 	Side close side RLOD
29, 30 	Rock back, (both) recover.
	Full turn away from partner, Rock Step
	Release hands
31&32 	Half turn, man left, Lady right
33&34 	Half turn, man left, Lady right
	Open hands
35, 36 	Rock back, (both) recover.
	Pin wheel  turn clockwise
	Closed Western
37&38 	Close to partner start  turn
39&40 	Complete  turn, man now facing ILOD
	Open hands
41-42 	Rock back (both) recover
	Under arm 1/2 turn, Rock Step
	Raise mans left hand drop right
43&44 	Man passes under arch starting  turn counter clockwise
	Lady starts  turn to face man counter clockwise
45&46 	Both completing  turn, Man facing OLOD, Lady facing ILOD
	Rejoin into open hands
47, 48 	Rock back (both) recover. Into Closed Western
	You can start all over again, if you like!! But please SMILE
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert June 2003