No Name Cha Cha
I named this dance as above, as I do not want it to be associated to one particular song. Use you favourite Cha Cha

Choreographed by	Bernice Caddick. 0117 947 5955.
Description	Partner Dance starting in open promenade, holding inside hands
Music		Any favourite Med to slow Cha Cha.

LADIES STEPS		(Men's steps are Mirror image, except where stated.)
1-2 	Rock forward on right, back on left 
3&4	Cha cha cha back, RLR.
5,6 	Rock back on left, forward on right 
7&8 	Cha cha Cha forward, LRL.
9,10	Vine to right making
11&12	1/4 turn to right on cha cha cha, RLR.
13,14	Step forward on the left, pivot 1/2 turn to right
15&16 	Cha cha cha forward, LRL
	(Pick up both hands, you are now facing your partner.)

17,18	Right hook
19&20	side close side R.L.R. (with arms extended to side)
21,22 	Left hook 
23&24	Side close, 1/4 turn left on LRL. (Drop left hand on 1/4 turn)

25,26	Step forward on right, turn 1/2 turn to left 
27&28 	Cha cha cha forward, RLR.
29,30 	Rock forward left, back right 
31&32.	make 1/2 turn to left on cha cha cha. LRL.

33,34	Step forward right, make 1/2 turn to left,
35&36  	Cha cha cha forward. RLR
	(from this point do not let go of ladies left and mans right hand)
37,38 	Step forward on left make 1/4 turn to right. Facing OLOD.
39&40S	tep behind with right, cha cha cha sideways with a 1/4 turn to left on last cha. LRL. (Now facing LOD)

41-44	Step forward on right make 1/4 turn to left Facing ILOD step behind with Left, 
	cha cha cha sideways with a 1/4 turn to right on last cha. RLR. (Now facing LOD.)
45-52	Repeat steps 37 to 44.

53,54 	Rock forward on left, back on right 
55&56 	Cha cha cha backwards. LRL.
57,58	Rock back on right, forward on left 
59&60	Cha cha cha forward. RLR
61,62	Raise left hand. Step left and right making a full turn to right on these two steps 
63&64	Cha cha cha forward. LRL. (Man walks forward right, left, RLR)
	Begin Again 					August 2000