No Way Back

Choreographed by 	Mick Harris (
Description 	32 count partner dance. sweetheart position (facing LOD)
		Same footwork throughout.
Music: 		When You Leave That Way You Can Never Go Back.—Confederate Railroad.
Alt. Music: 	High Cotton.- Alabama.
		Intro 8 beats in (just before vocal)
	Walk Fwd R,L, Heel & Heel & Step, Pivot, Shuffle ½ Turn.
1-2 	Walk fwd R, L.
3&4& 	Put R heel fwd, put R heel back in place, put L heel fwd, put L heel back in place.
5-6 	Step fwd on R, pivot turn ½ L. (Releasing L hands)
7&8 	Shuffle ½ turn L. (LOD)
	Rock Back, Recover, Shuffle, Walk Fwd R, L, Step ¼ L, Step L Together, Step ¼ R.
1-2 	Rock back on L, recover on R, ( back into sweetheart position)
3&4 	step fwd on L, step R next to L, step fwd on L.
5-6 	Walk fwd R,L. (Release L hands)
7&8 	Step fwd on R turning ¼ L, step L next to R, step R to R side turning ¼ R ( into LOD )
	Step, Lock, Step, To R Diagonal, Step Lock, Step, To L Diagonal, Shuffle Fwd X 2.
	(Pick Up L Hands Into Sweetheart Position)
1&2 	Sweep L fwd and across R, step R fwd to R diag. locking behind L , step fwd on L.
3&4 	Sweep R fwd and across L, step L fwd on L diag. locking behind R, step fwd on R.
5&6 	step fwd on L, step R next, step fwd on L. to L. ( LOD )
7&8 	Step fwd on R, step L next to R, step fwd on R.
	Rock out recover, step fwd x 2. Kickball change, shuffle fwd.
1&2 	Rock L out to L side, recover on R, step fwd on L (just in front and in line with R).
3&4 	Rock R out to R side, recover on L, step fwd on R ( just in front and in line with L).
5&6 	Kick fwd on L, step L back in place, step R next to L.
7&8 	step fwd on L, step R next to L, step fwd on L.
							March 2014