Choreographer Unknown
Description 50 Count Partner Dance, Start Promenade Position, 
Man starting on left, lady on right

1-5	Separate to side by side holding hands (man right, lady left)
6-10	Man pulls lady across in front & turns to left to face her, 
	woman crosses in front turns to right to face man (drop hands)
11-15	MAN: Left vine cha-cha-cha
	LADY: Right vine cha-cha-cha
16-20	Man grasps lady's right with his right and pulls her 
	across in front to promenade position (ending up facing LOD)
21-25	In promenade position 1/2 turn (together) 
	man goes clockwise forward, lady goes backwards
26-30	Another 1/2 turn, man goes clockwise forward, end up facing line of dance together
31-35	Pivot toward each other (step turn inside cha-cha-cha)
36-40	Ladies advance to next partner, men step in place (not moving forward)
41-45	With new partners standing next to each other, 
	both turn 1/2 away from each other (now facing LOD)
46-50	Together step forward 1-2 cha, cha, cha man brings arm around to promenade position.
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