Never Ending Love

Choreographed by 	Angela Pinnington & Peter Kimber 04/10 ~ 01993 831248
Description 	48 count, Partner dance Start in Right Skaters – right hands
		on lady’s right hip, left held out to side - facing LOD. Same feet throughout
Music 		Never Ending Song of Love - John Fogerty - CD: The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again
		Tulsa Time - Don Williams - CD: His Greatest Hits
		Start on vocals on word "NEVER"..
	Side Rock, Recover, Behind, Side, Forward X 2
1-2 	Rock right to right side, recover onto left,
3&4 	step right behind left, step left to left side, step right forward
5-6 	Rock left to left side, recover onto right
7&8 	step left behind right, step right to right side, step left forward
	Step Fwd, Touch, (Turn ¼ Right) Side Shuffle, Step Over, Step Back With ¼ Turn Right,
	Man - shuffle back Lady - shuffle ½ turn right to face Man
9-10 	Step right forward, touch left beside right,(turn ¼ right to face OLOD),
11&12 	side shuffle to left,(bring left hands down to lady’s left hip)
13-14 	Step right over left, step left back with ¼ turn right to face RLOD
15 &16 	Man - right shuffle back Lady - right shuffle with ½ turn right to face LOD + Man
	(release hands as Lady turns + pick up in wide open hand hold)
	Cross Rock Behind, Triple Step X 2
17-18 	Rock left behind right with 1/8 turn left, recover onto right turning back 1/8
19&20 	Step left, right left on spot
21-22 	Rock right behind left with 1/8 turn right, recover onto left turning back 1/8
23&24 	Step right, left, right on spot
	Man - Step To Side With ¼ Turn Lt, Close Feet Together, Shuffle Fwd With ¼ Turn L
	Lady - Step Fwd With ¼ Turn L, Step Back With ¼ Turn L, Shuffle Fwd With ½ Turn L
25-26 	Man - Step left to side with ¼ turn left to face OLOD, close right to left
	Lady - step left forward with ¼ turn left to face ILOD step right back with ¼ turn left to face RLOD
27&28 	Man - left shuffle forward with ¼ turn to face LOD
	Lady - left shuffle forward with ½ turn left to face LOD
	(as Lady turns bring left arm over her head into Wrap - don’t let go)
	Step, Slide Feet Together, Shuffle Forward, Rocking Chair
29-30 	Step right forward, slide left up to right
31&32 	Right Shuffle forward
33-34 	Rock forward on left, recover onto right
35-36	 Rock back on left, recover onto right
	Step Forward, Step Back With ½ Turn Left, Shuffle Back
	Long Step Back, Touch, Shuffle Forward With ½ Turn Left
37-38 	Step left forward, step right back with ½ turn RIGHT (Lady – ½ turn LEFT) to face RLOD,
	(release lady’s left hand as turn - keeping right - now holding inside hands)
39&40 	Left shuffle back
41-42 	Long step right back, slide left up & touch,
43&44 	Left shuffle forward with ½ turn left to face LOD
	(release hands as turn + pick up in Right Skaters)

	Step Forward, Heel Forward, Step Back, Toe Back
45-46 	Step right forward, touch left heel forward
47-48 	Step left back, touch right toe back
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert July 2010