Never Been Before
Choreographed by Mary Wild 09/03 - 
Description  48 Count Partner Dance - Sweetheart position both start with Left
Music  99.9% Sure (Iíve Never Been here before) - Brian McComas -- Dance 
Places I've Never Been - Mark Wills-Teach 

 1-4 	Cross touch Left over Right, Point Left, Cross Touch over Right, Step to Left
5-8 	Right Behind Left, Step to Left, Right step Forward, Pivot 1/2 Left
9-16 	Right Shuffle Forward, Left Forward, 1/4 Right, Left cross shuffle, Right Side rock
17-22 	Rock back Right, Forward Left, Right Forward, Pivot 1/2 Left. Right Forward 1/4 Left
23-26 	Right Shuffle, Left Shuffle
27-32 	Cross touch Right over Left, Point Left, Cross Touch Right, Step to Right
33-38 	Left behind, Side Right, Left Forward 1/2 Right, Left shuffle
39-44 	Right forward, 1/4 Left, Right Cross shuffle, Side Left, Right behind
45-48 	1/4 Left, Right step forward, Left shuffle, Right shuffle.
	Start dance again - Hope You Enjoy
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