Choreographed by John Steel -- Mar 98.
Description 32 Count, 4 Wall Beginner / Intermediate Line Dance
Music 'La Mucara' - The Mavericks (132 BPM)

  Forward Steps, Rock & Cross, Step, Behind, Rock & Cross.
1 - 2 Step forward right. Step forward left. Right, Left. Forward.
3&4 Rock Rt to Rt side. Rock. On the spot. Rock weight onto left in place. cross right over left. & Cross.
5 - 6 Step left to left side. Cross right behind left. Step. Behind. Left.
7&8 Rock Lt to Lt side. Rock. On the spot. Rock weight onto right in place. Cross left over right. & Cross.
  Step, Behind, Chasse with 1/4 Turn, 1/2 Pivot, Left Shuffle.
9 - 10 Step right to right side. Cross left behind right. Step. Behind. Right.
11&12 Step Rt to Rt side. Close left beside right.. Side, Close Turn, Turning right, Step right 1/4 turn right
13 - 14 Step forward left. Pivot 1/2 turn right. Step. Pivot. Turning right.
15&16 Step forward left. Close right beside left. Step forward left. Left Shuffle. Forward,
  Forward Moving Rock Cross Steps, Rock Step Forward & Back Lock.
17&18 Rock Rt to Rt side. Rock. Rt. Rock weight onto left in place. Step right fwd across left, & Cross. Fwd.
19&20 Rock Lt to Lt side. Rock. Lt. Rock weight onto Rt in place. Step left fwd across right. & Cross. Fwd,
21&22 Rock forward right. Rock back onto left. Step right beside left. Rock & Together. On the spot.
23&24 Step left back. Lock right across left. Step left back. Back Lock Back. Back.
  Back Lock, Rock Step Back, Stomp, Clap, Hip Bumps.
25&26 Step right back. Lock left across right. Step back right. Back Lock Back. Back.
27&28 Rock back left. Rock forward onto right. Step forward left. Back & Step. On the spot
29-30 Stomp right beside left. Clap hands. Stomp. Clap. On the spot.
31&32 Bump hips - Left, Right, Left. Left Right Left.
  start again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate,Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert February 2001