Mr. mom!
Choreographed by Johnny Montana (09/04) 607-725-5223 - 
Description  4 wall, 32 count, Beginner/intermediate line dance.
Music  Mr. Mom - Lonestar (172 bpm) CD Letís Be Us Again 
(start after 48 count intro)
Other music Any moderate (150 to 175bpm) 2 Step Music

Note: 	Break:
	After 4th wall-20 count break and restart:
	Charleston steps
1-4 	Touch right toe forward, hold, step back onto right, hold.
5-8 T	ouch left toe back, hold, step forward onto left, hold
9-16 	Repeat 1 thru 8.
17-20 	Touch right toe forward, hold, touch right toe back, hold (weight on left).
	Restart dance from beginning finishing dance as written.
	Sugarfoot, Cross, Hold
1-2 	Touch right toe next to left instep, touch right heel next to left instep.
3-4 	Cross right over left and step, hold.
	Sugarfoot, Cross, Hold
5-6 	Touch left toe next to right instep, touch left heel next to right instep.
7-8 	Cross left over right and step, hold.
	Slow Coaster, Scuff
9-10 	Step back onto right, step onto left next to right.
11-12 	Step forward onto right, scuff left.
	Step, Lock, Step, Scuff
13-14 	Step forward onto left, step right up behind left (lock).
15-16 	Step forward onto left, scuff right.
	Step, Hold, Turn, Hold
17-18 	Step forward onto right, hold.
19- 20 	Make a 1/2 turn pivot to left (CCW) and replace weight onto left, hold.
	Out, Out, In, In (Slow jazz jump)
21-22 	Step slightly out to right side onto right, step slightly out to left side onto left.
23-24 	Step onto right in home position, step onto left next to right.
	Toe, Heel Strut steps
25-26 	Touch right toe forward, step down onto right where you touched your toe.
27-28 	Touch left toe forward, step down onto left where you touched your toe.
	Kick-ball-step, Turn/hitch
29-30 	Kick right forward, step onto right next to left.
31-32 	Step forward onto left, hitching knee make a 1/4 turn left (CCW).
	Begin dance again
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert September 2004