Misty Blue Waltz

Choreographer 	Heather Shepherd, January 2019  Australia - cosmicountry@gmail.com
		Facebook: Cosmic Country Line Dancing
Description 	48 Count, 4 ~Wall Line Dance
Music 		Blue Ain't Your Color - Keith Urban
Sect 1: 	Step Forward, Sweep, Sweep, Back, Side, Across, Back Step To Side.
1-4 	Step forward Left, slow sweep Right over Left and step,
5-7 	Sweep Left in front of Right
8-9 	Step back on Right, step Left to Left side.
10-12 	Step Right in front of Left, step back Left, Step Right to the side. (3 count Jazz Box)

Sect 2: 	Step Forward, Hitch, Step Back Swing
1-3 	Step Left Forward, Hitch Right, Hold
4-6 	Step Back Right, Left soft swing back, Hold.

Sect 3: 	Step Forward, 1/4 ,1/2 Turn Left
1-4 	Step forward Left facing 11.00, Right-Left on the spot,
	Step Right across Left Turning 1/4 Left facing 9.00
5-6 	Quick Left 1/2 turn , Left, Right. facing 3.00

Sect 4: 	Forward Taps, Back Taps, Side Drags
1-3 	Step Left forward, 2 Right taps next to Left
4-6 	Step Back Right, 2 Left taps next to Right.
7-9 	Big Step Left, slow Right foot drag to Left
10-12 	Big Step Right, Slow Left foot drag to right.

Sect 5: S	tep Forward Together Step. Slow Hitch, Hold. Step Back Together, Back, Slow Hitch
1-3 	Step Left forward, together Right, step Left Forward
4-6 	Hitch Right, hold, hold
7-9 	Step Back Right, together Left, Step back Right
10-12 	Hitch Left, hold, hold.

Tag: 	On Wall 5 Facing 12.00 ,
1-3 	Step Left forward, Kick Right
4-6 	1/2 turn to Left , step together, step
7-9 	Step Left forward, Kick Right
10-12 	1/2 Turn to Left, step together, step.		January 2019