Mexico Shuffle


Linda Sansoucy, APDEL – NTA- ACDC - YCWDC
Cap St-Ignace, Québec, Canada –Août 2005 ~ 418-246-3319
Description 32 count, Partner Dance: Beginner/Intermediate Side By Side -LOD
Music  I’ve Been In Mexico – Blaine Larsen CD:Off to Join the World

1-8	Right Side, Together, Shuffle Back, Left Side, Together, Shuffle Forward
1-2	Step Right to right side, Step Left beside right
3&4	Right Shuffle back 
5-6	Step Left to left side, Step Right beside L
7&8	Left Shuffle forward 
9-16	Man:  Step Right, Step Left, Fwd Shuffle, Step Left, Step Right, Shuffle Fwd
	Lady: ½ Turn Left, ½ Turn Left, Shuffle Fwd, ½ Turn Right, ½ Turn Right, Shuffle Fwd
	Release left hands, take right hand over lady's head 
1-2	Step Right forward, Step Left forward						
3&4	Right Shuffle forward 
1-2	Step Right back turning ½ turn left, Step Left forward turning ½ turn left
3&4	Right Shuffle forward 
5-6	Step Left forward, Step Right forward
7&8	Left Shuffle forward 
5-6	Step Left back turning ½ turn right, Step Right forward turning ½ turn right
7&8	Left Shuffle forward 
	Resumes Side-by-side
17-24	Weave Right ¼ Turn Left, Side Rock Step, Cross Shuffle
	Lady behind man in Indian Position
1-2	Step Right to right side ¼ turning left, Step Left behind right		ILOD
3-4	Step Right to right side, Cross/Step Left over right
5-6	Rock side on Right, Recover on Left
7&8	Cross Right over left, Step Left to side, Cross Right over left
25-32	Side, Cross Behind, Side Shuffle  ¼ Turn Left, Step, Pivot ¼ Turn , Step, Pivot ¼ Turn
1-2	Step Left to left side, Step Right behind L
	Release right hands, take left hand over head
3&4	Step Left to left side, Close Right beside left, Step Left to side turning ¼ turn left	RLOD
5-6	Step Right forward, Pivot ¼ turn left					OLOD
7-8	Step Right forward, Pivot ¼ turn left					LOD
	Resumes Side-by-side
	Start Again!
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