Choreographed by	Carl Sullivan  December 2018  Sydney - Northside Linedancers
		0424 536 907 - ~
Description 	64 Count, 2 Wall Inntermediate Line Dance
Music 		That's How I Got To Memphis - T.T.Hall. 
		One Ride In Vegas - Deryl Dodd
1-4 L 	Rocking Chair facing R diagonal
5&6 	Step L fwd on R diagonal, Step L beside R, Step L slightly back on L diagonal
	(This is a cha cha cha that ends up facing L diagonal)
7-8 	Step R back, Step L beside R (on L diagonal)

1-4 	Step R fwd Pivot  turn L onto L, Repeat (These are on the diagonal)
5&6 	Shuffle fwd R-L-R on the L diagonal
7-8 	Square up to 12.00 wall & Step L to L, Step R behind L

1-4 	L Step L fwd, Step R fwd, Pivot  L onto L, Step R to R 12.00
5-6 	Step L behind R,  R step R fwd,
7&8 	Shuffle fwd L-R-L 3.00

1-4 	Rock R fwd, Replace on L, Rock R to R, Replace on L
5&6 	R Sailor Sep (R, L, R),
7-8 	Step L behind R,  R Step R fwd 6.00
1-4 	Rock L fwd, Replace on R, Rock L to L, Replace on R
5&6- 	L Sailor Step (L, R, L),
7-8 	Cross R behind L, Unwind  R 12.00
1-2 	Rock L over R, Replace on R,
3&4 	Step L to L, Step R beside L,  L Step L fwd
5-6- 	Step R fwd, Pivot  L onto L,
7&8 	Step R to R, Step L beside R, Step R to R

1-2 	Rock L back on L diagonal, Replace on R
& 	Step L beside R (Still facing L diagonal),
3-4 	Step R fwd, Straightening up to face 12:00 - Step L to L opposite R
5-6 	Rock R back on R diagonal, Replace on L
7&8 	Straighten up to 12:00 - Step R to R, Sep L beside R, Step R to R 12.00

1-4 	Cross L behind R, Unwind  L, Cross R over L unwind  L 12.00
5&6 	Cross Shuffle R-L-R to L side,
7-8 	Step L to L, Turn  R stepping R to R 6.00
						December 2018