Making Memories

Choreographed by Paula Bilby -- 01268 530180 ~ -  
Description   4 Wall Line Dance
Music   Sometimes She Forgets - Travis Tritt
I want to be the First One - Darryl & Don Ellis

1&2 	Right forward Shuffle
3-4 	Step forward on left, rock back onto right
5&6 	Left Backward shuffle
7-8 	Step back on right making 1/2 turn right, step forward on left making 1/2 turn right
9 	Left forward right
10&11 	Left forward Shuffle
12-13 	Right step and rock to side, rock weight back onto left
14&15 	Right cross in front of left, step left to side, right cross in front of left [ cross shuffle]
16 	Step left to side
17-18 	Right step back and behind left, rock weight forward onto left
19&20 	Triple in place making 1/2 turn to Left
21-22 	Left step back and behind right, rock weight forward onto right
23&24 	Right forward shuffle
25-26 	Side rock to right on right, rock weight onto left
27-28 	Step right in front in front of left, left step to the side
29-30 	Cross right behind left, step left to side making 1/4 turn left
31-32 	Step forward on right making 1/2 turn left, step forward on left

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Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert

November 2001