Love Walked Away
Choreographer 	Stu McGlary & Ann Helmore - 01249 712257, M: 07968 004327 ~:
Music 		Such A Lonely One - Prairie Oyster (CDs ‘Only One Moon’ or ‘String of Pearls
		(Greatest Hits’)) This track may be difficult to get hold of – see alternative below.
		The Only Love - Vince Gill (CD These days)

	Kick, Shuffle Forward, Rock Recover, ¼ Turn Chasse, Sway Left
1 	Kick Left forward (A low gentle kick!)
2&3 	Shuffle forward stepping L, R, L
4 - 5 	Rock step right across left, Recover weight onto left
6&7 	Turn ¼ right and side chasse to right stepping R, L, R (facing OLOD)
8 	Sway left (weight onto left)
	Sway Right, Sailor Turn, Step Touch Shuffle, Touch
1 	Sway right (weight onto right)
2&3 	Sailor step with ¼ turn left stepping L, R, L (facing LOD)
4 - 5 	Step forward on R, Touch L next to R
6&7 	Shuffle forward stepping L, R, L
8 	Touch R next to L
	Kick, Shuffle Forward, Rock Recover, ¼ Turn Chasse, Sway Right
1 	Kick right forward
2&3 	Shuffle forward stepping R, L, R
4 – 5 	Rock Step left foot across right, recover weight onto right
6&7 	Turn ¼ left and side chasse to left stepping L, R, L (facing ILOD)
8 	Sway right (weight onto right)
	Sway Left, Triple ¼ Turn, Rock, Recover, Shuffle back, Step back & turn
1 	Sway left (weight onto left)
2&3 	Triple turn to left stepping R, L, R (facing RLOD)
4 – 5 	Rock forward on left foot, Recover weight on Right
6&7 	Shuffle back stepping L, R, L
8 	Step back on right foot and turn ½ turn to left (weight on right)
Choreographers Note:	At the end of the pattern as you turn, hitch the left foot off
			of the floor and carry it forward into the gentle kick on count 1 again.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert October 2008