Love Trip

Choreographed by 	Kalvin & Pat Finch MIB Dance
Description 	32 Count Intermediate Partner Dance (Men’s Foot work described)
		Start facing Each other – In Closed Western (Man OLOD)
Music 		Love Trip - Jerry Kilgore
1-8 	Step To R Side Touch In Shuffle ¼ Turn Left Full Turn L Shuffle Forward
1-2 	Step to the right Touch in with left
3&4 	Shuffle a quarter turn left
5-6 	Travelling forward turn full turn left stepping R L
7&8 	Shuffle forward

9-16 	Rock Recover Sailor Cross (Man Behind The Woman)
	Side Rock Chasse ¼ Quarter Turn To partner
1-2 	Rock forward on left recover right
3&4 	Sailor cross behind the lady to end up outside LOD
5-6 	Side rock on R recover L
7&8 	Chasse a ¼ turn Left to face Partner
17-24	 Back Rock Chasse X2
1-2 	Back rock left behind right
3&4 	Chasse to the left
5-6 	Back rock right behind left
7&8 	Chasse to the right
25-32 	Vine Turn To Change Sides A Chasse To The Side Back Rock Recover Man Now OLOD
1-4	 Left behind quarter right on right quarter right on left right behind
	(or cross in front whichever is easiest for the dancer)
5&6 	Chasse to left
7-8 	Rock back on right recover
	Start Again				March 2016