Love Takes Time

Choreographed by 	Rick Hobbs & Gail Eaton – October 2018 -
Description 	32 Count Partner Dance Sweetheart Position, Same Footwork,
		Man’s footwork described except where noted
Music:		Love Takes Time - Gord Bamford

1-8 	Walk R, Walk L, Shuffle R, Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
1-2 	Walk R, Walk L
3&4 	Shuffle (R, L, R)
5-6 	Rock fwd on left, Recover back on right
7&8 	Coaster step (L, R, L)
*** Note *** The 1st restart will happen here on the 3rd sequence.

9-16 	Rock fwd R, Rec L, Shuffle Back (R, L, R), Rock back on L, Rec R, Walk, Walk
	Ladies: Step ½ Turn, ½ turn triple, rock back, recover, Walk, Walk
1-2 	Rock fwd R, Recover L
	Lady: Step fwd R, Pivot ½ turn left
Hands: 	Drop left hands on count one
3&4 	Shuffle back (R, L, R)
	Lady: ½ turn triple (R-L-R)
5-6 	Rock back on LF, Recover RF
7-8 	Walk L, Walk R

17-24 	Men: Step fwd touch, Step side touch, Step side touch, Rock back on R, Recover
	Lady: Step ½ touch, step side touch, step side touch, step ½ turn
1-2 S	mall step fwd Left, touch right toe next to left
	Lady: ½ Turn, touch RF
Hands: 	On count one, drop R hands. Man’s left arm goes over lady’s head as she turns
3-4 	Step Side Touch
5-6 	Step Side Touch
Hands: 	Drop left hands, pick up Right hand
7-8 	Rock back on R, Recover L
	Lady: Step ½ Turn
Hands: 	Note: do not pick up the lady’s left hand. Go right into the next 8 count.
**** Note ***. The second Restart will happen here on the 6th sequence. 
	Listen for the words "Faith and Hope".

25-32 	Men step ¼ Left (ILOD), Behind, Shuffle ¼ Right (LOD), Walk, Walk, Shuffle
	Lady Step ¼ L (ILOD), Behind, Shuffle ¼ R (LOD), Full Turn in 2 counts, Shuffle
Hands: 	Man’s right hand goes over lady’s head as you turn to face (ILOD)
1-2 	Step ¼ left, step L behind R
3&4 	Shuffle ¼ Right (LOD), (R-L-R)
5-6 S	tep L, step R (lifting lady’s Right hand over head as she does a full turn)
	Lady: Full turn in 2 counts, stepping Left, stepping Right
7&8 	Shuffle (L-R-L)