Love Her For a While

Choreographed by 	Karen & Nigel Poll  March 2016 pollykaz
		01379 853571
Description 	48 count dance, Facing LOD, Sweetheart position,
		Same footwork throughout
Music 		Love her for a While - Sam Outlaw
1-4 	Step side Right, rock Left behind, recover on right, Step side Left, rock Right behind,
	recover on Left
5-8 	Walk forward Right, Left, Right shuffle forward
	Step Forward Left, Pivot  Turn Right, Shuffle  Turn, Step Back  Turn Side,
	Cross Shuffle  Turn
9-12 	Step fwd Left, pivot  turn right, Shuffle  turn right, (facing LOD)
13-16 	Step back Right, turn  Left stepping Left to Left side, turn  Left Right Shuffle (into RLOD)
	Rock Forward Left, Recover,  Turn, Left Shuffle, Right Turning Shuffle,
	Left Turning Shuffle
17-20 	Rock forward Left, recover on Right, Left Shuffle  turn (into LOD)
21-24 	Right shuffle  turn , Left Shuffle  turn, (into LOD)
	Turning Under Raised Left Hands.
	Mambo forward, Mambo Back, Shuffle  turn, Shuffle back,
25-28 	Right Mambo forward, Left Mambo back,
29-32 	Right Shuffle  turn Left, Left Shuffle back
	Turning Under Raised Right Hands To End In Hammerlock Facing RLOD
	Mambo Back, Mambo Forward, Right shuffle back, Left shuffle  turn
3336 	Right Mambo back, Left Mambo Forward (facing RLOD)
37-40 	Right Shuffle back, Left Shuffle  turn Left. (into LOD)
	Turning Under Raised Left Hands,
	Turn  Left, Side behind,  Shuffle, Turn  Right, Side behind  Shuffle
	(Lady full Turn)
41-44 	Turn  Left stepping Right to right side, Step Left behind Right,
	Right Shuffle  turn right (into LOD)
	Taking Right Hand Over Ladies Head
45-48 	Man Turn  Right stepping Left to left side, Step Right behind Left, Left Shuffle  turn Left
	Lady Turn  right stepping back Left, turn  right stepping fwd right, left Shuffle fwd
	Start Again 					March 2016