Choreographed by Kay & Doug Cawston. (01905.) 821541.
Description 48 Count. Partner Waltz (In side by side.) Both on opposite feet.
Music Lost In The Feeling - Mark Chesnutt. (Or any med waltz.)

Man Lady.
1-6 Waltz forward on basic. Gent making 1/4 turn, Lady 1/4turn both to right.
1.2.3 Step forward on L.R.L Step forward on R.L.R.
4.5.6 Cross R over L steps back on L 1/4 turn on R L step 1/4 R step 1/4 L step 1/4.
Now facing each other. Gent facing outside L.O.D.in closed western.
7-12 Vine with cross rocks
1.2.3 L to side, R cross behind, L to side R to side, L step behind, R to side.
4.5.6 Cross rock R over L, recover on L in place on R. Back rock on L, Recover on R, L in place
13-18 Cross rocks, Lady 3/4 turn into closed western Gents facing L.O.D.
1.2.3 Cross L over R, Recover on R, L in place Rock back on R, recover on L, R 1/4 turn.
Raising Gents L and Lady's R. ending in closed western.
4.5.6 Step forward on right making 1/4 turn L, Step L in place, Step right forward Step on L pivot 1/2 turn right, Step back on R, Step L in place
19-24  Waltz forward, with vine and side rock.
1.2.3 Forward on L.R.L Back on R.L.R.
4.5.6 R step to side, cross L behind, rock on to right L step to side cross R behind, rock on to L.
25-30 Gents vine with Lady doing full turn to R. with cross rocks.
1.2.3 L to side, R behind, L to side R 1/4 turn to R, L turn 1/2 turn to R
R 1/4 turn to right.
4.5.6 Cross R over L, Recover on L, R in place.  Rock back on L, Recover on R, L in place.
31-36 Cross rocks with 1/2 a basic waltz pattern.
1.2.3  Cross rock L over R, recover on R. L in place Rock back on R, Recover on L, R in place
4.5.6 Waltz forward on R.L.R Waltz back on L.R.L.

Move apart ending with arms crossed. Both left hands on top, turning Lady into side by side.

1.2.3 Gents step back on L.R.L Ladies step back on R.L.R
4.5.6 On the spot R.L.R. Step L 1/4 left, step R 1/4 left, L step in place.
43-48 Releasing Left, and raising Right make Two half turns.
1.2.3 Step fwd on L, Make 1/2turn on R on right, 
Step back on L
Step fwd on R, Make 1/2tum right on left,
Step back on R.
4.5.6 Step back on R, make 1/2 turn with L, ~
Step forward on R 
Step back on L, Make 1/2 turn on R, 
Step forward on L.
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