Loose, Loud & Crazy

Choreographed by 	Jon & Sylvia – 07989149233
Description 	48 Count Partner Dance
Music 		Get Loose, Get Loud, Get Crazy – Klevin Fowler
	Especially for Graham & Chris for their 1st, southern State Festival
	Vine Out, Vine In
1-4 	Vine Apart, Kick & Clap on the 4th beat
5-8 	Vine in, man 1/4 right, Lady 3/4 turn left, ending lady in front of man facing OLOD
	Hip Bumps
9-12 	Hip bumps, Left x 2, Hip bumps right x 2 (Both on same feet)
13-16 	Heel Bounces x 3 turning 1/4 left, Kick left forward on 4th beat
17-24 	Step Left, Slide, Step touch, Step slide step kick
25-28 	Man - Step back turning 1/4 right, Step right to side, Cross Left over right,
	Kick right fwd at 45° right
	Lady – Step 1/4 turn left, Cross right over left, Step left to side, Kick right fwd 45° Left

	Step Right, Left, Right, Kick
29-32 	Step down right, Step left to side, Cross right over left, Kick left fwd at 45° left
33-36 	Man – Step down Left turning 1/4 left, Step right to right side,
	Small step back on left, touch right, (Now on Lady’s right)
	Lady – Step down Left 1/4 turn, Step right 1/4 turn, Step left 1/4 turn,
	Step right (Weight on, facing LOD on man’s Left)

37-40 	Step Slide, Step touch
41-44 	Man – Vine left crossing in front of Lady
	Lady - Vine right crossing behind man. Both end with touch
45-48	 Step slide, Step Touch
	Start Again
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