Lone Rock Walk  

Choreography:  	Lorraine & Harry Sinclaire 
Description 	Couples Sweetheart Position 
Music 		Maggie  
1-4 	Right Grapevine,Touch Left Beside Right 
5&6 	Left Shuffle 
7&8 	Right Shuffle 

9-12 	Left Grapevine,Touch Right Beside Left 
13&14 	Right Shuffle
15-16 	Step Forward On Left 1/2 Turn To The Right 
17&18 	Left Shuffle [ Rlod ] 

19-20 	Step Right Pivot 1/4 Turn To Left, Touch Left Beside Right 

21-24 	Left Grapevine On Last Step Turn 1/4 Turn To Your Left 
   And Touch Right Beside Left  
25-26 	Right Heel Forward, Right Cross In Front Of Left Leg 
27-28 	Right Heel Forward, Right Step Next To left                

29-30 	Left Heel Forward, Left Cross In Front Of Right Leg 
31-32 	Left Heel Forward, Left Toe Touch Beside Right 
33&34 	Left Shuffle,
35&36 	Right Shupfle,
37&38 	Left Shuffle. 
 	Begin Again                          		October 2000