Lonely Girl

Choreographed by 	Kalvin & Pat Finch MIB Dance kalvinjfinch@yahoo.co.uk
Description 	48 Count Partner Dance Opposite Footwork Throught FLOD holding inside hands
Music 		Lonely Girl - Brinley Addington
Alt 		Honey I’m Good - Andy Grammer
1-8 	Cross Rock recover shuffle ¼ turn pivot ½ turn shuffle forward
1-2 	Cross rock left over right Recover on to left
3&4 	Shuffle ¼ turn left
5 6 	Pivot half turn left (step forward on right and turn half turn left)
7&8 	Shuffle towards your partner Right shuffle
9-16 	Rock fwd recover shuffle back(Lady shuffle into wrap) rock back both shuffle fwd
1-2 	Rock forward on left recover (double hand hold)
3&4 	Left shuffle back (Lady’s shuffle half turn left into wrap) both facing outside LOD
5-6 	Back rock right recover
7&8 	Right shuffle forward
17-24 	Vine left touch in, side right step behind rock right side recover ¼ turn left
1-4 	Man vines to the left touch in Right / Lady rolls to the right touch in left
5-8 	Man steps right to side left behind and then rocks on his right
	to the side recovers on left facing LOD/
	Lady’s roll a 1 and ¼ turn left stepping left right left right to face LOD into sweet-heart position
25-32 	Double shuffle rock recover shuffle half turn
1&2 	Right shuffle forward
3&4 	Left Shuffle forward
5-6 	Rock forward on right recovers back left
7&8 	Shuffle half turn Right to face RLOD (Bring lady’s right hand over head so you’re in VW RLOD)
33-40 	Rock recover shuffle half turn left (LOD) two step full turn left and shuffle forward
1-2 	Rock forward on left recover back right
3&4 	Shuffle half turn left back into sweet-heart position
5-6 	Full turn left stepping Right Left (Lady full turn Right)
7&8 	Right shuffle forward (holding inside hands)
41-48 	Step forward on left touch right behind half turn right scuff pivot half turn double walk
1-2 	Step forward on left touch right behind
3-4 	Half turn right on to right and scuff left forward facing RLOD
5-6 	Step forward left pivot half turn right
7-8	Walk forward Left, Right
	Start Again					March 2016