Lifetime Waltz.
Choreographed by Elizabeth Henderson ~ 
Description  48 count partner waltz. Sweetheart position, 
footwork same unless stated.
Music  I don't want to say goodbye - Teddy Thompson.
What if I say Goodbye - Vince Gill or any favourite waltz track

	Waltz forward right then left, Waltz back  turn, Waltz forward.
1-3 	Right basic waltz forward.
4-6 	Left basic waltz forward. (drop hands).
7-9 	Step back on right, half turn left and step right forward. (r l o d ).
10-12 	Basic left waltz forward.
	Waltz back  turn left, waltz forward left, Step touch hold, waltz back. (twice).
13-15 	Step back on right,1/2 turn left and step right forward. ( l o d ).
16-18 	Basic left waltz forward.
19-21 	Step right to right diagonal, touch left behind, hold for 1 count.
22-24 	Waltz back left right left ( l o d ).
25-27 	Step right to left diagonal, touch left behind right and hold for 1 count
28-30 	Waltz back left right left ( l o d ).
	Men's Steps 31-42 			Ladies Steps 31-42
	Step right  turn left 			Step right 1/2turn right.
	Left 1/2turn left 			Step left 1/2turn right.
	Step forward right. 			Step forward right.
	Basic waltz left forward. 		Basic waltz forward left.
	Step right  right 			Step right  turn left.
	Left  turn right 			Step left  turn left.
	Step right forward. 			Step forward right
	Basic waltz left forward 		Basic waltz forward left.
	(alternative 4 waltz's forward R.L.R.L)
	Step right forward, touch hold. coaster step..
43-45 	Step forward on right, touch left behind hold for 1 count
46-48 	Step back on left, right next to left , left forward.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate, Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert September 2006