Let's Hook Up

Choreographed by 	Tom "Norm" Daly Ė May 2017 tomdaly621@gmail.com
Description 	32 Count, Intermediate Partner Dance Starts in Skaterís Position
Music: 		Winnebago - Kenny Chesney

	Rock & Rock, Step Turn Step, Rock & Rock, Step Turn Step
1&2& 	Rock forward on R, back on left, rock back on right, forward on Left
3&4 	Step forward on R, turn Ĺ left making a half turn over left shoulder,
	step forward on right (Release right hands)
5&6& 	Rock forward on Left, back on right, rock back left, rock forward on right
	(rejoin right hands on manís hip, back into Skaterís)
7&8 	Manís: Rock Forward L, step back R,1/2 stepping back on left foot (Springboard Turn)
	(Hands go back in Skater's Position)
7&8 	Ladies: Step forward on L, Ĺ step back on right, step forward on left.
	Step, Lock, Step, Brush, Step, Lock, Step, Brush, Rock Forward, ľ To Outside Line Of Dance,
	Step L Next To Right, Side Together Forward
1&2& 	Step R forward, step L behind R, Step forward R, brush L
3&4& 	Step L forward, step R behind L, step forward o L, brush R.
5&6 	Rock forward R, Step R making a ľ to face outside line of dance stepping out on R, rock recover a ľ turn
7&8 	Step L to left, step R together, step forward L (start of a rhumba box)
	Side together Side, Step Back on Right, Left Scissor Step, Right Scissor,
	Ladies ĺ turn over right shoulder, men run L,R,L
1&2 	Step right to right side, step left together, step right back
3&4 	Rock on left, weight back on right, cross left over right
5&6 	Step out on right foot, step quarter turn on left to face LOD, step on right
7&8 	Step left, right, left (optional turn for the ladies, step turn step making a 3/4 over the right shoulder)
	Right Mambo Step, Left Coaster, Heel & Heel, Heel, Hook, Heel, Flick
1&2 	Step forward R, back left, back on right
3&4 	step back on left, back together with the right, forward on left
5&6 	present your Right heel. Quickly step on right, and present the left heel
7&8& 	Present Right Heel, Hook Right foot across left, Touch your Right Heel out, flick your right foot
	(the right rock would start the dance again)

Note: 	Thank You to all my friends who helped me finish the dance!	May 2017