Choreographed by Vicky Potts (6-19-00)
Description 32 Count Partner Dance (May be done as circle line dance) (LOD)
Both Start On Same Foot - Holding Hands Side By Side

1-2 	Step Left forward, touch Right beside Left
3-4 	Step Right back, touch Left beside Right
5-6 	Step Left forward, slide Right beside Left
7-8 	Step Left forward, scuff Right forward

1-2 	Step Right forward, touch Left beside Right
3-4 	Step Left back, touch Right beside Left
5-6 	Step Right forward, slide Left beside Right
7-8 	Step Right forward, Scuff Left forward

1-2 	Walk forward Left, walk forward Right
3-4 	Walk forward Left, hitch/lift Right Knee
5-6 	Walk back Right, Walk back Left
7-8 	Walk back Right, hitch/lift Left Knee

1&2 	Left shuffle forward
3&4 	Right shuffle forward
5&6 	Left shuffle forward
7&8 	Right shuffle forward
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