Lay Low Too

Choreographed by 	Mick Harris.
Description 	32 count partner dance.
		Same footwork throughout. Start facing LOD in sweetheart position.
Start 		20 beats in on the word " of ".
Music 		Lay Low - Blake Shelton.
	Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Step Turn  X2, Shuffle.
1,2. 	Walk Fwd R, L.
3&4. 	Step Fwd On R, Step L Next To R, Step Fwd On R. (Release L Hands)
5,6. 	Turn  R Stepping Fwd On L, Turn  R Stepping Back On R.
7&8 S	tep Fwd On L, Step R Next To L, Step Fwd On L.(LOD)
	Picking Up L Hands.
	Jazz Box  Turn, Kick, Kick, Sailor  Turn.
1-4	Step R Across L, Step Back On L Turning  R, Step R To R Side,
	Step Slightly Fwd On L. (OLOD)
5,6. 	Kick Fwd On R, Kick R Out To R Side.
7&8 	Step R Behind L Turning  R, Step L In Place, Step R In Place. (RLOD)
	Release L Hands.
	Step Pivot, Walk, Walk, Cross Point X2.
1,2. 	Step Fwd On L, Pivot Turn  R.
3,4. 	Walk Fwd L,R. (LOD) Picking Up L Hands.
5,6. 	Step L Across R, Point R Out To R Side.
7,8. 	Step R Across L, Point L Out To L Side.
	Step Back , Step, Cross Shuffle, Shuffle 1/2 Turn, Shuffle  Turn.
	Release L Hands And Pick Up In Reverse Indian Fashion.
1,2. 	Long Step Back On L Turning  L, Step R Next To L Transferring Weight To R.
3&4. 	Step L Across R, Step R Slightly To R Side, Step L Across R. (ILOD)
	Release R Hands
5&6 	Shuffle  Turn (RLR). (OLOD) Pick Up R Hands.
7&8 	Step L To L Side, Step R Next To L, Step Fwd On L Turning  L. (LOD)
	Start Again				April 2013