Choreographed By Colin Stevens
Description 32 Count,Partner Dance in Right Side by Side Position. [aka Sweeheart]
Music Blanket On The Ground - Billy Jo Spears.
Try Ribbon Of Highway - Scooter Lee. ( No Tag)

1-2 Touch right toe forward. Touch right toe to the side.
3&4 Step and cross right behind left. Step to side onto left. Step right beside left.
5-6 Touch left toe forward. Touch left toe to the side.
7&8 Cross left behind right. Step to side onto right.Step left beside right.
9-10 Step forward right. left.
11-12 Right shuffle forward.
13-14 Step forward left. right.
15-16 Left shuffle forward.
17-18 Cross right over left. Step back onto left.
19&20 Right shuffle making 1/2 turn right. Now in reverse Sweetheart position.
21-22 Step forward onto left. Release right hands, pass left hands over lady's head.
  Pivot 1/2 turn right. Take up right hands in front.
23&24 Left shuffle forward.
25-26 Release left hands. Step onto right making 1/4 turn right.
Take up left hands in Indian Position. Step left to the side.
27-28 Step and cross right behind left. Step left to the left making 1/4 turn left.
Now back in Right Side by Side Position.
29-30 Step and cross right over left. Step back onto left.
31-32 Step to the side onto right. Step forward onto left.
TAG: This should be danced after the first four repetitions. Only if using recommended music.
1&2 Right kickball change.
3-4 Touch right to the side. Step right beside left.
5&6 Left kickball change.
7-8 Touch left to the side. Step left beside right.
Every effort has been made to ensure these cue Sheets are accurate,Should you find any errors,
Please let me know via e-mail thank you...... Robert January 2001