Choreographer Unknown
Description  Partner Dance in Sweetheart Position
Music  Drinking Champagne George Strait

1 	Step forward on left
2 	Step forward on right
3 	Step forward on left
4 	Right foot tap behind left (turn body slightly right)
5 	Step back on right
6 	Step back on left
7 	Step back on Right (making 1/4 turn to right)
8 	Hitch left leg
9 	Left foot step left
10 	Right foot cross behind left
11 	Left step Left (making 1/4 turn left)
12 	Right foot brush past left
13 	Right foot step forward
14 	Left foot brush past right
15&16 	Left shuffle
17&18 	Right shuffle
19&20 	Left shuffle
21&22 	Right shuffle
	Start Again
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