It Ain't Our Fault

Choreographer 	BobbyJo Sargent  June 2017 -
Description 	32 Count, Partner Dance Side by side facing FLOD
Music: 		It Ain't My Fault - Brothers Osborne, Start the dance on lyrics

Adapted from It Ain't My Fault Choreographed by Tracy Patterson
32 count, 4 Wall, Improver line dance

Right Cross And Point, Left Cross And Point, Step Fwd R, L Heel, Step Down L, R Heel
1-2 	Cross right over left, point left
3-4 	Cross left over right, point right
5-6 	Step forward on right, left heel forward
7-8 	Step down on left, right heel next to left

*4 Paddle Turns
1-2 	Step forward on right, 1/4 turn left
3-4 	Step forward on right, 1/4 turn left
5-6 	Step forward on right, 1/4 turn left
7-8 	Step forward on right, 1/4 turn left

Rock Recover Right Coaster Step, Rock Recover Left Coaster Step
1-2 	Rock right forward, recover left
3&4 	Right coaster step
5-6 	Rock left forward, recover right
7&8 	Left coaster step

Step Half Turn, Shuffle Forward, Step Half Turn, Shuffle Forward
1-2 	Step forward right, 1/2 turn left
3&4 	Shuffle forward, right-left-right
5-6 	Step forward left, 1/2 turn right
7-8 	Shuffle forward, left-right-left

On the first turn couple drops left hands with the lady holding the man's right 
hand in her right hand crossed behind his back On second turn couple rejoins left hands

	Start over - No Tags, No Restarts		June 2017